Crown Operation and Cleaning


  • Remove the lid and insert whole flower into the housing. The housing can be full but not so much it protrudes from the top or is compressed. There is no need to break apart flower as long as it fits into the milling chamber.
  • Holding one part in each hand, put the lid back on. Apply gentle pressure and begin turning the knob in a back and forth motion. The knob will bottom out and make a different sound when milling is complete.
  • Remove the lower catch to access milled flower.
  • Remove the taper from the kief catch to access the keif.


  • Remove the lid and lower catch from the housing assembly
  • Note: All threads are standard right hand, so clockwise to tighten, counter clock-wise to loosen.
  • Unthread the rotor from the knob
  • Unthread the sleeve from the tube and remove the diffuser screen
  • Unthread the taper from the kief catch
  • Submerge all parts in ethanol or isopropyl alcohol for 3-5 minutes
  • Parts which are not free of grime may be agitated with a Q-tip or soft rag
  • Rinse all parts with clean water
  • Dry parts thoroughly
  • Assemble in reverse order